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Q&A with Si Si Rae

Europe, especially the UK and The Netherlands, are big on their EDM/Dance scene. Always has, always will! So when I discovered this club banger ‘Freak‘, I was intrigued!

Not only does this sister got a very distinctive set of pipes I just love, but when I came across her acoustic live version of the same track, I was just blown away! Instant musical love equals to get to know her a little better, so with this Wednesday Q&A I give you, Si Si Rae:

The Dutch Guy (TDG): Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Si Si Rae: If you return it to me with Haribos/Liquorice All sorts, then yes…yes you may.

TDG: When you looked into the mirror this morning, what was your first thought?

Si Si Rae: I need my roots done. Why must I insist on being blonde. Why don’t I have a hairdresser in London. Help!

TDG: What was the last furry thing you touched?

Si Si Rae: My Dog. Halo Foxy. She’s a cool dog.

TDG: Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Si Si Rae: Fairy-tale Loving Singer who is constantly smiling and loves an adventure. (That was a hard question!)

TDG: What are your (musical) roots?

Si Si Rae: I came from a Musical Theatre background, I had just come back from a scholarship audition with the Oxford School of Drama and I met Ross Cooney, the owner of Street Jazz Records. I recorded with Ross, and ‘Freak‘ was released July 2013. Since then I’ve been keeping busy with gigs in Glasgow. Although I’ve recently moved to London, so lets see what London has to offer!

TDG: How would you describe your sound?

Si Si Rae: Jazz with a bit of pop and when it comes to ‘Freak‘ a bit of dance chucked into the mix…

TDG: What’s involved in your songwriting process?

Si Si Rae: I think you should always sing something that can take you back to a specific time or place. You need to relate to what you are singing, or you’ll never love it. A catchy melody can only get you so far.

TDG: Which aspect do you enjoy the most while working on new music?

Si Si Rae: Learning a song. Starting from it sounding a bit of a mess, and building it into something you are proud to perform in front of people you know, and adding in your own personal touches when singing it.

TDG: Who or what inspires you the most?

Si Si Rae: I think anyone and everyone’s stories are inspiring. Especially when they are able to do what they love successfully.

TDG: How important is connecting with fans for you? What kind of connection do you have or do you like to have with them?

Si Si Rae: I love anyone who has a genuine interest in music and up and coming acts, I always take time to thank people for helping me out and spreading the word.

TDG: And social media is a big help in your opinion?

Si Si Rae: It can be, I am still trying my hardest with Twitter. I do love Instagram though. It helps spread the word with gigs and new material.

TDG: What do you do to stand out from all the rest on social media?

Si Si Rae: I take pictures of my dog. I used her to get more votes for MTV Unsigned. Seemed to work at the time.

TDG: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

Si Si Rae: Some people tend to say ‘Oh I thought you would have been pretty stuck up’… So probably that. I think I just have one of those snobby looking faces. I don’t mean it, I promise!

TDG: Who is currently on repeat on your iPod or Spotify playlist?

Si Si Rae: Randy Crawford is always on repeat on my iPod. She makes me happy and sounds like melted honey in my ears.

TDG: What’s the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and you think it would help other aspiring artists/bands?

Si Si Rae: Ross Cooney always told me – ‘Be genuinely nice to everyone you come across and work with’… I think that’s really important. You don’t want people to form a bad opinion of you.

TDG: Fall has started, but what do you have in store for us this year?

Si Si Rae: Hoping to start gigging around London and work with any fun and exciting people who are interested and interesting.

TDG: Got any last words of wisdom you wanna lay down on us before we wrap this up?

Si Si Rae: Smile and Stay Focused. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough…

UPDATE: Right before I wanted to drop this Q&A online, Si Si Rae sent me a message, telling me she got signed by Ross Cooney’s record label Street Jazz Records! So a Dutch ‘Van Harte Gefeliciteerd’ (=congratulations) to you sister and looking forward to hear your next single ‘I Am‘ :)

Check in with Si Si Rae on:
Twitter: @Si_Si_Rae
Facebook: facebook.com/SiSiRaeMusic
Website: sisirae.com
iTunes: Si Si Rae’s single ‘Freak’


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