Si-Si has been performing and singing since the age of 9.  The Scottish singer developed her love for performance in youth music and drama groups, which led to her securing a place at the Oxford School of Music.  Si-Si was one of three students to make the audition for the Andrew Lloyd Webber scholarship in 2011 and seemed destined for a career in the theatres in London’s West End. Around the same time Si -Si was introduced to Scottish songwriter and producer Ross Cooney and offered a home at his Street Jazz music company. Si-Si decided to accept the offer and explore her love of pop music, culminating in her debut single “Freak”.

Si-Si Rae’s anthem “Freak” is causing a stir in clubs all over Europe. Her unique voice and musical depth will surprise even the most sophisticated listener – making her a serious contender for the new queen of pop…

In 2013 after performances at Live@Troon and Celebrate the Mobo’s, Si Si was shortlisted by MTV in their search for the best emerging talent. Follow up singles and her debut EP are due for release in 2014.